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Research-EuroLocal and Regional Development in the Context of the EU Structural Policy

The findings of research conducted under the tutelage of dr hab.Tadeusz Truskolaski, prof. UwB, are applied within the strategies, expertise, reports and opinions prepared on commission of, among others, the European Committee of the Regions, Interregional Group of Underdeveloped Regions, ZIT Association of the Białystok Function Area, Among the most important works we should mention: The opinion of the European Committee of the Regions entitled: The Green Book “The Capital Markets Union” adopted in July of 2015 (the subject of the opinion was creating a space connecting regions of European Union in terms of territorial liquidity of capital and strengthening the access to funding by SMEs). The opinion of the European Committee of the Regions entitled: “The Support of Enterprises such as Start-ups and Scale-ups in Europe: Local and Regional Perspective” - still at the stage of consultation, planned admission – July 2017 (the basis for forming the opinion was the problem of local and regional development in the context of innovative enterprises at the initial stage – start-ups and those that grow dynamically, create workplaces and build economic growth of Europe – scale-ups. The declaration of underdeveloped regions (in accordance with the definition implemented by financial support from the EU budget) regarding the cohesion policy after 2020, adopted in February of 2017 at the session of International Group of Underdeveloped Regions. Substantive supervision, preparation of ZIT Association of the Bialystok Functional Area, supervision over the implementation of the ZIT strategy of the Bialystok Functional Area Association.