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Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Development of Underdeveloped Economies

The creation of the research team under the tutelage of Prof. Robert Ciborkowski, conducting research on the importance of innovation and technology transfer in the development of underdeveloped economies. The result of the team's work  is an array of scientific monographs, among others, "International Technology Transfer versus Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe", PTE, Bialystok 2016, as well as scientific articles, among others, “Innovation Process Adjusting in Peripheral Regions. The Case of Podlaskie Voivodeship”, “Equilibrium”, volume 9 issue 2, 2014. “Innovation Policy Instruments in the EU and Their Influence on Proinnovative Activity of Enterprises”, “Optimum. Economic Studies”.  No. 6(72)/2014; Sources of technology transfer in the peripheral region. “The example of Podlaskie Voivodeship”, “Economic Studies. Scientific notebooks of the University of Economics in Katowice”, No. 5/2016, “International Technology Transfer as Innovation Factor in the EU Countries (with dr I. Skrodzka), „International Journal of Learning, Innovation and Development”, Vol.8, no.4, 2016; “Innovation and Competitive Factors of non R&D Industrial Enterprises. The Case of North-Eastern Poland”, “International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems”, vol.5, no.1, 2016. Dr Karina Sachpazidu-Wójcicka is a member of a team pursuing following scientific research: „BioNEXT - The Role of Bioenergy in the Future Energy System” - conducted with The Norwegian Business School; funded by Research Council of Norway (2016-2019) as well as “Management of Results of Scientific Research and Development Works” - funded within the “Innovation Incubator Plus – financed by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2017-2018).