Wydział Ekonomii
i Finansów

Research-self gov Around the Finances of Local Self- Government

Workers of the Department of Economics and Finance of Local Self-Government under the tutelage of prof. M. Poniatowicz create a research team that  conducts research work, teaches, leads expert and popularizes activities in the field of functioning and financing of local self-government. Within the research work, prof. M. Poniatowicz has conducted a research project "The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Financial Systems of Local Self-Government Units (on the Example of the Largest Cities in Poland)" funded by NSC. The findings of the research are published (on the A and B list of MSHE) and presented on national and international conferences, as well as during international lectures. (e.g. Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro in Italy). The subject of the research concerns current and vital issues of a local self-government – financial autonomy, tax authority, local self-government debt, citizens' participation, innovation of the local self-government. The activity of the team is recognised both in the country as well as abroad, which is expressed by inviting members to prepare an expertise (e.g. in years 2014-2015, the expertise was prepared in co-operation with World Bank entitled „Poland: Subnational Government Responses to the Global Economic Crisis”), by participating in conferences and preparation of pre-ordered articles, and in the works of various teams (e.g. Podlaskie Local Self-Government Forum). Crucial from the point of view of research are contacts with practices (representatives of Regional Chamber of Audit, Union of Polish Metropolises, Treasurers of Parishes and Voivodeships). At the Departments operates Student Local Self-Government Club created to encourage the younger generation to grow interest in the topic of local self-government. The Club in co-operation with the Department regularly organises seminaries in which both representatives of science and practitioners participate.