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Research on the Austrian School of Economics

Faculty of Economics and Finance in Bialystok is one of two centres in Poland (apart from the Institute of Economics, University of Wrocław) which conducts research in the area of the Austrian School of Economics. The results of research have been published in numerous scientific papers including following monographs: “The Economists of Austrian School” R. Ciborowski, A. Kargol-Wasiluk, M. Zalesko (eds.), "Liberal Ideas in Economics 20 Years After the Death of Friedrich von Hayek", R. Ciborowski, A. Kargol-Wasiluk, M. Zalesko (eds.), "Liberalism or Interventionism? The Formation of Socio-Economic Order in Europe in 1989-2014“ R. Ciborowski, R. Dziemianowicz, A. Kargol-Wasiluk, M. Zalesko (eds.). WEiF organizes regular scientific conferences on “Socio-Economic Development in Economic Theories", where the problems solvable by the implementation of theoretical achievements of the Austrian School are analysed during the deliberations. Those were, among many other activities, conferences: “Austrian School of Economics. Achievements and Challenges Towards the Development of Modern Economy" in 2012, "Liberalism or Interventionism? Shaping the Socio-Economic Order in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989-2014 " organised in 2014. The Faculty of Economics and Finance in Bialystok also co-organized a conference entitled “"Neoliberalism, Ordoliberalism, the Austrian School of Economics and the Economic Order of Capitalism" which took place in 2013. At the Faculty, you can also find a Club of Austrian School of Economics, which integrates the Academics as well as the students. The club organizes numerous conferences and debates where leading economists representing the Austrian School are invited to partake in the discussion. Moreover, Rector of the University of Bialystok prof. Robert Ciborowski, has been a member of the Scientific Council of the Mises Institute since 2010.